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Choose light bulbs the smart way

It is tricky one when you have to choose something for the well – being of your dwelling. Furniture, utensils, utilities for the different rooms. One of the most important things when choosing for the home atmosphere is light. And by light we mean choosing the light bulbs the smart way.


It’s been a while since the energy efficient light bulbs have been around. They are already part of our life, but most of us find it hard to understand how to choose the right light bulb. It is a bit hard to know and remember which one is more efficient, which one is cheaper and why is it cheaper, which one is better for a long-term usage and so on and so forth.

First of all, all light bulbs have different caps. You should see what the size of light bulb caps at home is and make the purchase according to them. At least that’s the easiest way. The other way is to read carefully the instructions on the lamp fitting.

Different and most used light bulb caps are few types: Bayonet cap, Small bayonet cap, Edison screw cap, Small Edison screw cap, Spotlight cap and Specialist cap.

The important step

The next important step is to choose from one of the three main technologies for light bulbs, which save more energy. They are Halogen, Energy Saving (CFL), and LED. All of these kinds have different lifespan and abilities to save energy efficiently.


There are some useful characteristics for each and every popular and energy saving kind of light bulb.

  • Halogen – It’s 30% more energy saving than regular light bulbs. It has about 2 years of “life” and can provide instant crisp and bright light.
  • Energy saver (CFL) – 80% energy saving is what this kind of light bulb offers. They have way longer lifespan than the regular ones. The light they bring is warmer than the standard light bulbs. They offer diffused and soft light to the dwelling.
  • LED – probably one of the best kinds of light bulbs. LED lightning offers instant, crisp and rather bright light. These kinds of light bulbs offer 90% energy saving power and have a lifespan of 25 years! More than enough and money – saving as well.

Now you see how much more efficient could be a LED light bulb than a standard one. Yes, they might be a bit expensive, but it’s an absolute long-term investment, since a LED light bulb can live up to 10 years.

Another way of selecting the best light bulb

When it comes to choosing the right light bulb for your home there are other points that could affect your choice. Especially the level of the brightness. It depends which type would you choose – Lumens or Wattage.

Wattage is basically the amount of power needed to light the concrete light bulb. Lumens on the other hand refer to the level of brightness that the bulb can produce. When the Wattage is higher, there is more power, which means brighter light bulb. This was some years ago.

Now since there are more sufficient technologies, there is the introduction of the Halogen, Energy Savers and the LED light bulbs. The special thing about them is that they can produce the same amount of light, but in the same time they use a lot less energy. That makes them money-saving and energy- sufficient.

In order to know how much light a single light bulb can produce, we use lumens. They measure brightness.

So the most important thing if choosing such a light bulb (which we recommend) if to see the amount of Wattage and especially the one of the Lumens, so you could know how much brightness you could provide to the premise.

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