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How to choose bed linen the right way

Choosing a bed linen? Is that a thing? – That would be the response of everyone who hasn’t thought about this thing. But to choose the right bed linen for you and your family is not a simple thing, though. There are many things that have to be considered and in the same time they have to be considered with everyone who will use the sheets.

Some like cotton, some not. That is why there is a great difference in just buying your bed linen and choosing your bed linen.

Here are some good tips and advices what you should be careful for.

Number of threads

Once it was an indication of quality about bed linen. Now…well not any more, unless we talk about some ultra-expensive Africa – made sheets and linen. Thread count is actually a word game where some companies just write down the number of threads on the product’s label, “cheating” with some twisted yarns of cheap fabrics.

That does not count, when we look for comfort. In many ways a good stretching jersey will do a great darn job about your bed linen comfort.

The material

Yep, it‘s quite important as well as the other things. But like the same other things it depends on our personal taste. Some like softer products, some more rugged. After all it is the garment that you are rolling in about one third of the day. It should be as comfortable as it gets, right?

Here are some good types of textile for bed linen that might be of use:

  • Probably one of the most expensive and with best quality is the Egyptian. It has extra – strong fibers and it is very durable, when used for sheets.
  • Pima – its other name Supima is a cotton type of textile. It has a medium to extra-long stable fibers of the material. It is really soft and sheen. A little cheaper than the Egyptian cotton.
  • Linen – it’s ideal choice for your bed linen, not only for summer clothes. This is one of the most expensive bed linen material you could buy. Linen is very comfortable and soft. In the same time it offers high durability and improving with age.


Way of the weaving is like the way of the samurai!  It has important and a point blank impact on how bed linen feels when we touch it. Fro it depends all the crisp, cool, bedding, while microfiber’s super-tight, dense weave makes it wrinkle-resistant.

The pattern and the design

You should really consider the design of your bedroom, before purchasing any kind of bed linen. Here we give you ideas but the last decision is up to you. It’s up to the design of the premise, the colors of the wall and the decoration of the room.

The importance of seasons

It is really, and we mean really important to choose the bed linen smart but also concentrating on which season you want to use them. You don’t want to feel cold in the long winter nights. You surely do not want to get sweat while you sleep in the hot summer nights. So, this brings you to the moment of the importance of the season.

If you do not want to change bed linen according to season, you can always add some additional cover over the summer sheets and still feel comfortable in the colder months.

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