How to Childproof your home easy

How To Childproof Your Home: 6 rules

When you become a parent and especially when your kid is still a baby or a toddler, getting your house sound-proofed is not only important, but it is vital for the safety of your kid. Yet, the soundproofing can be quite tricky and it is not just one-time thing but an ongoing process. Get some important practical pieces of advice that will turn your home into a kid-friendly zone.

Home rule #1

The first rule in childproofing a home is to consider the development stage of your child and use the proper childproofing devices. For example, the infants are not that mobile, yet they can roll from one place to another.

The early walkers and the crawlers are quite dangerous as they can get into a difficult situation every time. The older toddlers are quite curious – they can climb and open doors, they show curiosity in electrical switches, etc. Thus, keep that in mind.

Home rule #2

The second rule is simple – look at each room through the eyes of a child. Literally. Sit on the floor and look around. Then, think how your kid will react and which are the things that will draw his attention.

Home rule #3

Make a childproofing inspection in all premises of your home and be strict and methodical! Look at the electrical outlets and apply safety covers, pay attention to the things which the kid can choke with, inspect the cords and the electric appliances. Remove the decorative rocks on the pots, the rubber bands, the balloons, the coins.

Home rule #4

Be extra careful with the sharp objects, the gardening tools, the cooking utensils. Put them out of kid’s sight, on places that could not be reached. Do the same with the cleaning supplies as often they are the main reason for poisoning, thus lock them up. Keep the number of the nationwide center for poison control nearby. They work 24 hours a day.

Home rule #5

In case you have any guns in the house, always keep them unloaded and far from the sight of the kids. If possible, lock them in a safe, as all kids and especially the teenagers will find them very interesting.

Home rule #6

Make a childproofing safety check, including:

  • In the bedroom – buy a safe crib and remove all pillows and toys to avoid possible suffocation. Install smoke alarms in bedroom just in case.
  • In the kitchen – do not leave the stove top unattended.
  • In the living room – never ever place furniture under windows, as kids can climb up and fall. Place window locks in all rooms, not only in the living room.
  • In the bathroom – set the hot water heater up to 120 degrees and not more than that; keep all medications and sharp objects up and out of sight; keep the lid down; always be with your small child in the bathroom. Never ever leave your kid unattended in the bathtub.
  • On the stairs – if you have small kids, install safety gates at the top and on the bottom of the stairs.
  • In the garage – place all tools and ladders in a place kids cannot reach. Store the gasoline and all other chemicals in a locked cabinet.
  • In the garden – place a tall fence around your pool, if you have any. Allow kids to swim only if there is an adult with them.

Stay safe with!