cheap kitchen improvement

The cheapest ways for kitchen improvement

It’s easy when you want to make a good refurbishment or a restoration of the kitchen. But when it comes to lower budget, things could get messy. That’s why most of us don’t even start thinking about this one, if there are not enough money we would like to send on it. But still – there are ways for a great kitchen improvement with a low budget.

The dream kitchen could be a budget dilemma or a mission impossible task, when it comes to time and money. That’s there are those hints we give you here in order to make your kitchen more sufficient and comfortable in the same time. Enjoy.


It all depends on how you like it in the kitchen. But if it is too dimmed and you want more light, or the other way around, you could do that in less than few bucks. Invest in some new light bulbs or shades for them.

If you would like to put some contemporary look, there are plenty of cheap lamps in the department stores. After all – this technology is not from yesterday, so it there’s no need to exaggerate in price.


Drawers’ and cupboards’ faces and liners are the biggest part that is visible when you enter in a kitchen. Remember the last time you changed those? No? Well now is your chance. Changing the liners and why not the color will give you the opportunity to rearrange all the utensils in there.

This is the time when you could also change any hangers which are around. Not an expensive but in the same time effective idea.

The flooring

If it happens that your kitchen floor is plain – only tiles, only wood, laminated planks or concrete, add a piece of nice rug. Simple thin rugs are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and a perfect idea for a good contrast of the interior. There are many choices which are quite nice, concerning the price. So it’s a great and money-spending decision.

Cover what you don’t like

You can cover ugly countertops in an easy and cheap way. We don’t mean to change the whole countertop. Only to hide it. One way to hide unpleasant part of the countertop is to cover it with a nice big cutting board. The result will be both beautiful and practical.

The dish rack

It’s an essential part of every kitchen and hence every kitchen improvement strategy. One of the main parts of the countertop around the sink. It is a useful “gadget” which sometimes happens to look not quite pleasant, concerning the years of usage and the materials which change their look in time.

Replace the dish rack with a new one. Basically every kitchen utensils store have them. They come in different design and size, but most important often they are not expensive at all.

Adding space for the kitchen improvement

Creating some additional space for the plates and other utensils. That should be an easy idea, no matter that you are on a budget. That could happen through additional shelves. Wooden planks, previously prepared for adjusting to the wall cost almost nothing. Only thing you need is a drill and nailing/adjusting elements, which will hold your new pieces of shelves to the wall.