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Candles in the kitchen – is it safe

While candle light can be quite romantic at times, more often than naught we use scented candles to mask smells or to create an atmosphere suitable for what we have planned, but is there a place for them in the kitchen?

This is a question of safety, rather than a question of aesthetics, though the latter is up to your personal preference.

The merit of candles in the kitchen

There is something about the natural feel of candle light, it moves and evolves – chances shapes and it changes its impression on the walls through a dancing shadow.

The scented kind are very useful due to their aromatic and therapeutic qualities, especially great in bathrooms where you can enjoy yourself in a long, suiting bath and a couple of scented candles.

However, is this really applicable to the kitchen? Sure, if you enjoy cooking, why not get into a good mood with your favorite scented candle, drink some wine and roast a chicken?

It’s your kitchen after all, why not enjoy yourself to the fullest, though keep in mind that this is an open flame so keep it far away from any grease and be mindful of knocking it down.

A candle on a candle holder

Of course, a beautiful candle can be precious enough on its own, the light dancing around, the candle releasing its sweet scent into the air, but adding to it a proper, forged candle holder and you are in the money.

In general kitchens can be overlooked, even after a remodel, so these small types of adjustments allow you to accentuate certain areas or to create a whole different feel to the space around it.

It’s a matter of safety

When we are talking about cooking, the most used method is frying – which involves extremely high heat and hot grease, which as we know, is the most dangerous substance in the kitchen.

So you need to be mindful of safety as grease and fire do enjoy each other’s company, but you might not enjoy it so much – make sure to keep the candle away or light it after you are done with cooking.

Either way, mindfulness in the kitchen is the difference between enjoying yourself and having a bad time, so keep your wits sharp. Invest in a good candle holder that will elevate the light source, this will cover a wider area and make the room smell even better.

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