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Buy it or build it – bunk beds

When figuring out the home design and especially the design of your kid’s room, there are some decisions that might help you save much needed space, smart interior decisions with furniture can give you quite a lot of freedom.

A child’s space is important but so is proper organizational skills and there are some interior design choices that you can give them an incentive to keep their place tidy and create a functional kids’ room for their needs.

When it comes to space saving ideas, bunk beds combined with desks come to mind, however, some families cannot spare the extra cash that such a solution would cost.

There are other ways for you to get that bunk bed and desk combination, however, it requires some carpentry which is why it might to be for everyone.

If you have the experience – build it, if not – buy it

The simple answer is that if you have the skills to create this piece of furniture and you want to save the money for buying an overpriced product, then you should make it yourself.

Though child designed furniture is safe tested and there are some decisions that are made in order to protect the child – furniture companies focus quite a lot on safety.

So, if you have the skills and the time, you will save quite a lot, though you need to be prepared with a good design which will keep your children safe – make it sturdy and long lasting. Be sure to sand off any sharp corners children, especially young ones, are quite feisty and are more likely to have an accident that older ones.

Buying the best child-safe desk and bed combination

There are a lot of choices, especially for the US market, companies strive to increase their popularity by getting creative with the geometry and shapes, though those options might be more expensive than simpler ones.

You should consider buying from a well known retailer because their testing and building standards are on a spotlight though the same can be said about small companies.

Private individuals and carpenters often depend on good performance, so if you can find a private individual to build you that desk you might get a better quality.

This, actually, boils down to if you have the money and time – big companies sell for cheaper and have furniture readily available – individual craftsmen give you better quality due to the nature of their business.

On one hand if you have the time and ability to create this type of furniture, you should do it – chances are you’ll know exactly what to do and make personal decisions based on your children. Though if you want something fast you should probably opt for the ready solution and buy from a well-known retailer.

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