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Build your office at home

Working from your home has been an inspirational and dreamy idea for many of us. Having your first cup of coffee or tea with your slippers still on and a messy hair is a dream come true for many as well. Though these days many professions are available for working at home. It doesn’t matter if you are an architect, interior designer, graphic designer, craftsman, painter or something else. The important thing is to create a decent working space which will allow you to feel both at home and at work. There’s nothing more tempting than doing your stuff but nevertheless there should be at least slight difference between the two poles. Hence there is the need of a concrete home-designated working space, which will allow you to concentrate, and do your work the proper way.

First things first
The most important thing is to locate your working area. If you deal with messy stuff and some kind of machines and electrical devices, your garage is probably the splendid place for this occasion. It has space in it, it is no problem if your brake something or leave a spot from your lunch or just mess things up.
If your job refers to any other activities which will need other more “sophisticated” working space you will probably need to think a bit more in arranging such a place for your own sake.

Let’s imagine you need a place for a computer, some little area for sketches, or drawing, or even writing. You will probably need some books, some papers and instructions. And all of these simply cannot just fly around in the air. They have to be maintained in a proper order, they have to be stored well and easy to be used when you have the need.
It is not obligatory for you to engage a whole room, especially if you do not have such to spare for this purpose. Find some corner in dwelling and think or rearranging it. The only think you need is a proper desk, really comfortable chair and some drawers of shelves- depends on how you want to store working things. All of these thing could be arranged very easily in just one corner of your home. This way you will be able to use both walls for the shelves. It is kind of a practical solution.

working space, home, improvementThe view
Think about a place in your home with a view to the outsides. The benefit- sunlight and its abilities to revive all working and other processes. It will keep you energized and will stimulate any kind of working inspiration. So go on and set a desk and chair in front of a window, probably fill an empty corner with a tall bookcase or the shelves which you could arrange however you like them to be arranged. The only thing that you must be probably aware is if you are very easily distracted. In this case, just step aside and away from the window. That’s not your place.

A corner of the living room for example can become the place you use to get work done. Carefully chosen decor helps though, because this space will become part of the overall design. A comfortable office chair is of utmost importance as we said, especially for those spending a lot of time at a desk, so make sure you choose one that is both supporting and aesthetically satisfying.
Custom-built furniture
Every different kind of refurbishing in order to unleash some working place will probably need a concrete amount of new furniture. As we said above- shelves are probably the most easy and cool way to arrange your stuff. So if you do not want to bespeak any items, which could be quite expensive, think of doing them by yourself. Custom-build your shelves as bigger and broad you want them to be. Use simply planks from your hardware store and some mechanisms for adjusting them onto the wall properly.   Try using some old desk and revive it by a new coat of paint. First sand it so the old paint will fall down and use the new one having in mind the environmental design of the rest of the room of course. After the paint if dry, you could try and put some coat of varnish, so this way you will protect the surface from scratching.

The contrast
It is important for the working space to be in tune with the other design patterns of the dwelling. Nevertheless it also has to be a bit more distinctive, so you will know it’s a working space. It has to be contrasting in colors or decorations for example, so this way it will create the psychological notion of a working area which is designated only for this purpose. This will be very approachable only if you put some different paint, bordering the space around your desk. In the meantime though be careful and keep the color pallets compatible. You don’t want your working space to be like a patch in the room.

Boxes are an incredible and an easy way to store different kind of working stuff. They will collect sheets of papers, documents, craftsman items, hardware, cables and many more. They can be put on a shelf or under the desk- you decide this or course.

When choosing the right paint-job for you think about the rest of the dwelling’s design, but also think about yourself! It is important that you will feel comfortable in this working space of yours, because the most important thing of work is its productivity and intended results. So if you like drawers, put some drawers, if you like blue walls, coat your corner with it, of you like rocking chairs, go on- get yourself some nice rocking chair.

Another way to create distant from the other parts of the dwelling if you don’t have plenty amounts of space is by screens. They could be a perfect way for you to focus on your work without being distracted from the TV set, or the beautiful weather coming out from the window.

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