Brightening the Dwelling

Brightening the Dwelling

Light up your room space

You’ve got a new apartment, plenty of rooms, new furniture and some really, really cool stuff in it. But nevertheless you ain’t got the enough amount of light coming in from outside. Light is essential when we speak about optimising the outlook of your dwelling. So when moving in a new flat or just refurbishing you should think about that as well.

Big ideas

When thinking about the furniture in your home take a  quick walk in it. Try to check out the angles and spaces which seem darker than the other parts of the home. Since you figure that out you can already know where to put additional lights, so there won’t be any creepy darken parts of the dwelling.


Most of the times the reason for dark places in a room are the colors, used for the finishing touch. It is if great importance for you to mix and match neutral colors with white. Your home needs some warmth? – so look up to rich bodied neutrals such as espresso brown, mushroom gray, and warm colors. The brown, white, tan families of colors are extremely versatile and look great when placed next to wood floors, doors, and heavy wood furniture. Try not to make your ceilling dark, cause it will look a lot more dramatic than it has to be.

But still – if you like very much dark or wooden colors in your furniture in the kitchen for example, then try to use at least lighter finishing countertops. Then you will make things more bearable and even more enjoyable.

In the moment you start to lighten up your rooms you will probably see that there are some of them, or parts of them, where corners are even more darker than others. In this case consider pendant lighting fixtures that will brighten up a dark corner or above a breakfast bar (for example) very nicely.  You can use an accent pendant light that displays the rest of the kitchen. Lighting manufacturers have a lot of desicions for this situation.

Dark bedroom is not always fine. At least you should have the option to make it light or darker by demand. Nevertheless a darker bedroom looks more stylish and creates that good old comfort atmoshpere for a good rest. If you like the dramatic appeal, consider adding soft lighting in logical areas. This way you’ll still keep the mood but with a more visibility to all the details.

And speeking of dark colors you must absolutely use them, why not? But there is the need with a distinctive contrast. Dark elements have the ability to put some good appreciation to the other lighter colors and this is why we rather prefer them in interiors but in normal quantity.


If you are one of those lucky ones and have a closet of your own, then you will probably like this one. Yeah, closets are a tricky one because no matter how many light bulbs you put in, there are still corners of this space which cannot be put under the light, because of the many clothes and other stuff, preventing that. This place rarely have its windows of its own, but if you somehow have the chance to provide a window for this necessary space, then do it. If you don’t, well…..there are other ways. Pendant lights can brind that additional illumination needed to put things in order. Except the additional lights, mirrors also have their part in this mission. So why not use one of them?


And last, but definately not least think about the most important light- the natural. Windows allow real and natural light into spaces in the dwelling. It’s a precious gift, which happen to be the most important provider of light in the house or the apartment. Natural light also brings warmth to the inside parts of your home and makes things in it more vivid. Gasping for life.

So no matter how you provide light into your place it’s of great importance for you to know that this essentials are simply basics for one’s dwelling. Cause you cannot live without light, you cannot appreciate forms and items. With light we appreciate life.