home value boosting

Home value boosting in few inexpensive steps

If you like your dwelling but you are not that type who imagines living in one place for whole life you might be thinking: How am I going to sell that thing on reasonable price? The answer is by thoughtful planning, practical investment and a bit of a working weekends. Here are some ideas to boost your home value in an inexpensive way.

Start with the yard

If you have the chance to live in a house with a back or front yard, and still interested in home value boosting this is a great opportunity to impress the so called future buyers. If there is a lot of natural look to your yard, think of adding some fine walkway. It could be done very easy and most important rather cheap. You could use simple flat stones or pavement pieces.

Keep your flowers, grass and all other kinds of plants well-maintained. Cause that’s important too. Everyone is actually impressed at first site, we all know that.

The furnace in the plan for home value boosting

While we are still outside, let’s consider the furnace. If you have one, take a good look at it. A good steady furnace does not have only a exterior and good-looking meaning. It also could keep the house from winds, which is actually a energy-saving idea in a way. Of course the difference would be very slight, but if you are planning to live in the house more time, this will be useful for you for sure.


Insulation is probably in top three home value boosting things when you are planning to sell the dwelling sometime in the near future. Good insulated walls and windows keep the energy bill in winter below the limits and in the same time make sure that house or flat is a lot more reasonable to buy than any other.

Good insulation should be considered also for the attic. Most of the people who make insulation forget about that space. But is essential, cause the cold in winter could come from every corner of the dwelling. So do not forget about the dwelling as well.


An important one! You should consider brightening up your space, since you think you need improvement. Everybody loves natural light, which could be provided through windows and good light-reflecting surfaces. And still if you choose for dwelling to get a bit darker for the night, you could always use window shutters or drapes.

Concerning the additional interior light, think about changing into dimmer switches. This way the quantity of light can be very well maintained and used by choice. This works especially well if you change the standard light bulbs with energy-saving ones.


Installing wood is a great idea, but nevertheless it is quite money-consuming for a home value boosting. But if you happen to not care about that and you are ready for some house-selling investment, this one is for you. And particularly wood flooring. Imagine the simplicity and beautiful look of a wooden kitchen floor. Wooden floor could be real or from laminated material, which exemplifies the real one in a good way.

It is easy to be cleaned and in the same time it creates warm home-like feeling to the inhabitants.

The bathroom

This is the place in every dwelling where everyone should feel cozy and relaxed. It is important to be absolutely clean and safe, when we talk about not slipping and bumping any heads. An old bathroom could be easily turned into more comfortable and private place. This could happen with the adding of some new fixtures, new shower and why not with some new fresh coat of paint?

This way a few little inexpensive improvements would make a real difference and boost the value of the dwelling.

Renovations of the so called inhabitable rooms

Many of us consider the attic or the basement as spaces, which are hard to be inhabited. But this is often wrong. They are not inhabitable, because we have decided them not to be. With a little good insulation, paint-job and some good flooring the attic or the basement could easily turn into additional room. This will surely boost your home value.


Nowadays everybody loves cooking. In the meantime the others who cannot cook, simply love to eat. So the kitchen is probably your basic purpose for improving. Nobody likes kitchen that is uncomfortable for cooking or dining. Everything is important there – the flooring, the wall paint, the utensils, the light, the cupboards and so on and so forth.

A good kitchen should say “I am comfortable and practical, just as I am spacious for the whole family”. Do not think only about buying expensive utensils or kitchen gadgets. Think more about the functionality of the kitchen and the things that usually happen there. After all it is not only a workspace, but also a place for the family to dine together.