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Best ways to organize the bedroom in few minutes

The path to a cleaner and more organized bedroom is already shorter. It all depends on what quantity of time, efforts and will you are going to put into this endeavor. The image of piles of used and scattered around clothes, dust, forgotten items from the last week late working in bed, crumbs from your yesterday breakfast is haunting enough to be reality any more. It may look like a horror story with unknown end, but if you put some effort as we said you may be successful in the mission of cleaning up all that mess and organize the bedroom efficiently.

Putting all that together means and needs a very small investment in effort and a bit of a time. It can all cost you not more than 10 minutes actually. Don’t believe it? Just follow some of these useful steps to improve and organize your bedroom in a blink of an eye:

  • Make your bed!

    It’s a starting point which will give the beginning of the successful mission of putting order in your room. This is probably the fastest thing you could do here that can improve the visual aspect of your room in just a minute. Making your bed will definitely make a positive and optimistic influence over the whole perspective of the bedroom;

  • Organize the bedroom by getting rid of the dirty clothes. Toss them into the basket or directly into the washing machine if you’ve got the time to do the washing right now. Laundry room (if you have one) is for this purpose;
  • Hang up the clean clothes. Putting those things away will make room for other items that they are taking their place right now. If you have the necessary drawer for that purpose do not hesitate to use it;
  • Tossed around magazines and books could create a bit of an artistic atmosphere but do not forget to not exaggerate and overdue with that. Put some of them back on the shelves where their place is;
  • If you have got any scattered papers around like working sheets or notes go through them to see which is important and useful for you and which are not. Throw away the unnecessary ones ASAP;
  • Dishes and cups from yesterday’s breakfast in bed have no place around your bed or the nightstand as well. They have served their purpose successfully and now have to be gathered and cleaned properly;
  • Throw away the trash basket if there is one;

Some other ideas that need few minutes of your time to organize the bedroom:

  • Vacuuming the whole place including the furniture may be an excellent idea;
  • Look for any stains on the floor, the furniture and carpet as well;
  • Clean the door too. Look for any spots especially around the handler;
  • If there is a closet, you know what to do. Yep, go in there and gather up all the clothes and any other garments that have been laying on the floor;
  • Wipe the mirrors if there are any. You can use a simple spray bottle of glass cleaner;
  • Lightbulbs may collect a lot of dust. Don’t forget about them as well;
  • Deal with the dust that has covered the plants. You can do this in the bathroom;
  • Keep only the most necessary things on your nightstand;
  • Sometimes there are cobwebs in the ceiling corners and you can reach them with a simple broom;
  • Go through the drawer that holds the socks and underwear. A little more tidiness in there won’t hurt anybody;
  • Old t-shirts could be transformed into dust wipers;
  • If there are any unnecessary shoes and clothes throw them away instead of taking additional place in the drawers or in the closet;
  • Organize the bedroom and especially clothes on the hangers by type or color. This will make your next quick change even quicker;
  • If there are any clothes that don’t fit you anymore you can donate them or give them to a friend. This way you make a good example and in the same time will make some room in the drawer;
  • Use special vacuuming bags for the clothes for the next season;

Most of the advises in this list will need just few minutes to be done. In order to have a properly prepared useful space it is better for you to make sure that at least few of them are fulfilled. It’s definitely not a hard task to do, so give it a chance and see the results of all this.

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