best interior colors

The best trendy interior colors right now

It’s already official – design is a trend that everyone persists. But good design is a thing that not everyone understands. The reason is the numerous trends in furniture, technology and such stuff, that make it hard for the customer to find himself among all this hardware and design ideas. And a good design needs trendy interior colors first.

But there is a thing that should and must always be considered and used for the estimation of the good taste. It’s color. The best trendy interior colors right now are combining contemporary style with classic and duller pallets. But let’s not hurry and get a quick glimpse of the new trendy interior colors.

Think pink

The so called “dubbed” or “millennial” pink is actually something like a fusion between peach and salmon color. It was cool before, it is still cool, and thinking about it … it would be cool even years ahead. That’s a pretty nice and twee, though most of the guys probably will be like “no, thanks”. But the salmon, pink or peachy color is kind of e trendy interior color, which could be combined even with dark wood materials. In other words – a nice one.

Oh, and they call it Windsor pink as well. Ain’t that cool?

The light within

Sunny rooms have always been a right choice (only if you are not a batman or something, of course). A full of light color pallet is a good way to improve your kitchen or living room interior. It’s like sunny day entering the premise and making it even brighter. It’s a pallet starting from the yellows, going through pale colors similar to butter, mustard and so on and so forth.

These colors will great if you would like to create a suburban – like atmosphere in your dwelling. A very useful trendy interior color, compatible with furniture, walls and ceilings.

The feeling-alive color

Some colors are just begging to be “installed” on your walls and furniture. Some of them could bring vivid and alive feeling among the walls of the premise in an unmatchable way. Such is the so called courtyard green. Something like the magical-like deep emerald, it is a great choice for flooring or coating some old cupboards, that had been already suffering from washed away colors.

Sand the cupboard with two sizes of sand paper, clean it from the dust and use the courtyard green as a finishing coat. The result will be splendid and will bring up some historical-like look of the floor and in the same time a cozy feeling.


The eternal blue

Have ever seen photos from Greek islands? You know, the ones with the small houses, contrasting the blueish seaside atmosphere. You have? So you know the kind of blue we are talking about here. Blue does miracle to the senses even though it is consider to be a bit of a cold color.

Nevertheless to us this sea-like blue color is perfect for furniture, drapes and why not a ceiling. It kills the drama in an instant and relocates you from your apartment in a distant island (at least the romantics will feel like that). The light blue color is suitable for kitchens and why not living rooms. Creates space and a feeling-at-home-like hint.


It’s a kind of a massive impact on the dwelling. Suitable for walls and cupboards, this significant and rarely used color could be combined with your leather sofa and couch. It matches perfectly with wooden furniture, yellow textile and greyish carpets for example. This olive color will create a warm feeling like you are the master of your home and you value the sense of stability.

Infinity white

The stone cold white color is always a classic and in the same time among the contemporary trendy interior colors. It is basically able to be matched with many other color ranges. Stone white is a perfect decision for a dwelling, where light is simply not enough. Even the smallest amounts of it will reflect on the white and build up a homo-like atmosphere that will inspire and calm you down.

The black self of things

We do not mean for you to turn your whole home atmosphere in black. But a good and thoughtful black built-ins will do a great job for a super trendy and modern atmosphere. A black opaque color could do miracles and it’s basically popping out almost in every contemporary design for homes and offices.

It’s kind of a gray and black matted vision goes very well with metal and glass furniture and why not with leather couch. It’s also among the really trendy interior colors right now.


Gray, but not exactly boring gray. It’s not that dull and hardly to be noticed color palette which could be combined with white walls and soft-colored carpets. It goes well with wooden classical furniture. The spacious rooms in your dwelling will simply absorb this color in a way that will impress your guests while drinking your Saturday midday tea.

Tree fusion

A maple leaf-like color, reminding of warm autumn. That’s what you get from this remarkable color palette. The so called pantone color is the right stuff among the newish trendy interior colors. If you want some more sophisticated look for your kitchen for example this one is for you.

It’s kind of orange meats the spicy brownish color of fall’s leaves. Goes well with wall tiles with detailed motifs.