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Best natural aromas for home

You want your home to smell naturally beautiful Well…so as everybody, you know. A natural born smeller (in the good way) is a home that you always have in mind. The good – smelling premise is a result of a little bit more effort (meaning cleaning and airing) and bit of investment. So the quest for the good aromas for home is an important one.

The market if full of opportunities and products for home air refreshing. But since most of them contain chemicals which are not very nice to us in one way or another, we decided to give you some of the best natural aromas for home.

Fresh and energizing

If you want your place smelling nice and forever fresh, there are plenty of DIY methods to do that. Lemon and Rosemary! It sounds like Bonnie and Clyde, or Romeo and Juliet, we know. But this thoughtful combination is an odor – killer when it comes to bad smell at home.

Add the ingredients in a pickle jar including vanilla extract. Add some water to fill up the jar and leave the solution for a while. Whenever you want you could open it. Imagine this one refreshing your kitchen! It would be marvelous. Plus – it also looks kind of a good decoration spotted on some shelf in the kitchen.

Lilac – the authentic pleasure

It’s spring, it’s May, and you want more open windows at home and a lot of fresh air in your place. There is nothing more awful than a bad smell ruining you spring weekend at home. So, think of this suggestion as a present. The Lilac authentic and massive smell can bring joy to the senses.

You could also make your own lilac spray for room refreshing. A good recipe is the one, made out of water, lilac oil and vodka.

The odor of the textile

The Rosemary smell combined with the super smelling powers of the Lavender – that’s a mighty combination in the list of natural aromas for home. But this one is a bit special. In the special markets you could find a powder made out of these two well – smellers.

But you could make it yourself as well. Mix baking soda with dried rosemary, and lavender oil.  This will make the good solution ready. The carpet powder is being sprinkled all over the carpet that needs to be refreshed. Let that solution stay there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then vacuum the thing out of there.

The power of the citrus

They look so good on the shelf. And the aroma they are spreading around …just great. Make your own mason jar with water, citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit, orange etc.) and some basic seasoning like basil or rosemary. Leave the combination for a while in the jar. Then in every opening the refreshing smell will revive your dwelling atmosphere.

“Stick” with the good smell

Playing with words, yep. But this method for air refreshing at home has deserved its name. The things you’ll need – a glass container (it would be great if it is with small opening), rattan reeds, alcohol, almond oil, and any kind of essential oil, by your taste. A lavender oil will sooth the atmosphere, while a lemon basic will energize it.

After making the special mix, put the reeds into the mixture so parts of them are soaked into it. Reeds will absorb the scents and will deliver them into the room’s air.

New life to the old plug – inn room refreshers

If you have already used one or some you know they are doing their job just well. But when the content ends you don’t need to throw the whole thing out. Use the container and spray by refilling it with some of the upper mentioned solutions. The fresh breeze will come out whenever you like it to. Thus it will bring natural aromas for home improvement.

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