DIY home kit

Best must-have DIY home kit accessories

Since you already have got yourself a nice new (or not that new) home, there is always the need for additional work in it. No matter how much you believe in specialist and their abilities- plumbers, electricians, there is always a need for you to possess some abilities to DIY the face of your home. In other words – you will need the DIY home kit toolbox.

DIY is not just a weird 21st century trend which is simply contemporary and artificial invention. No. It is a way of thinking. A way of creating your own home environment the way you like it and feel it. The way it should be.


So to set up some new rules around you must first prepare with the theory and most important – with the necessary DIY home kit with tools. Set up a craftsman corner in the basement of in the garage, make your own rustic – style chairs, benches, carpets, kid’s toys and many other. Repair the broken shelf, which throws the books down on you … these and many other things you could do, BUT with the needs of a special tool kit. A DIY tool kit.

So in case you are one of those guys, which would like to DIY stuff and not mess around, there are the basic stuff you need in your DIY tool box at home.

And since you are preparing for some great home adventures with tools and gadgets, there is the need of a proper toolbox in the meantime.

The first important thing about that new DIY home kit box of your is its capacity. Think about that very well. When choosing such a box, you must already figure out what kind of the basic tools you will put in it. That is how you will know what size and capacity it should have. As to the market, most of the toolboxes come with few basic compartments. This is actually very helpful, since you will have to put some proper order in the box for the different tools and gadgets.

The claw hammer

His majesty – the claw hammer is basically a two or three – functional primal tool. It has the power to nail things hard and to pull things even harder from all kinds of walls – including concrete, brick and wooden. So when starting with your DIY home kit collection, have this one in mind.

The adjustable wrench

It is like a better version of something which has been already very useful. The standard wrench which is been helpful for every household and family for many years has a better side of itself. An adjustable side. It is actually suited for all kinds of different tasks. Especially for those problems in the bathroom and fitting nuts and bolts of different sizes. If there are such problems in the house, this is your ultimate tool in the DIY home kit.


Combination piers. A very well-known one to the DIY craftsman and home-lords and a must-have in the DIY home kit. It is a tool, which does very string a thing that a normal hand could not – a very firm and hard gripping; It is a tool, made for handling different situations; It can hold tight, it can turn, it can pull stuff and all kinds of nails off many different materials.

The flashlight

If you have ever went down in to the basement to fetch something important for the household and have found yourself in a …let’s say darker situation, you must have had the need of a good ol’ flashlight. A good one of those makes things visible and helps your home DIY work easier and full of results.


The flat-headed type is a perfect in many situations. You will probably need few different sizes, so do not be hasty and choose few in wide range. This way you will be absolutely enable to deal with all kinds of slot-headed screws.

The cross-headed screwdriver

With this one you could reach almost unreachable points in order to deal with most cross-headed screws. It will be appropriate for any household and probably you will use it many times. Choose a set with variety of sizes, so there won’t be any need to look for a bigger or a smaller one at your neighbor at Sunday morning.

Electrical detection screwdriver

This one is also a must-have for every DIY “wannabes”. It has the construction and design of a normal screwdriver, but at the same time you could register whether there is power in part of the electrical system or not.

This kind of a screwdriver has a light indicator on the back of it so if there is power in the electrical system, when you touch it, there will be light. No matter how easy it sounds like, ask for advice from a specialist when dealing with electrical power. This one is also a must-have advice!

Utility knife

It is like the katana sword for a householder! This invention is one of the most important things you should have in your DIY tool box. It’s a precision wrapped in plastic. It’s purpose is to cut fine and swift all kinds of soft and not so soft material. Use it for opening boxes, for slicing parts of a plastic and many other stuff.

 Tape measure

Where would you go without measures? Probably not very far. Or at least not where you would like to. Yep, it’s a metaphorical expression that proves that you will always need a decent tape measure. They are very compact and precise when it comes to taking measures and is a easy-peasy to use. Even your kids could help you with that.

A bunch of hardware

And by hardware we mean that full variety of nails and screws, which one day might be of use! Do not think that since you have already adjusted your shelves and cabinet locks and doors there won’t be need any more need of a good hardware. So keep yourself a good selection and a variety of sizes, so there will be always a choice in case of repairing or adjusting something.

Keep them in different compartments in the toolbox so there will not be any additional and time – consuming searching for the necessary size.

A mini level

This genius tool provides a perfect way for leveling horizontal and vertical items in your home. It will be very useful for positioning fixtures, and many kinds of hardware at home. You could have this one in variety of sizes, depending on your needs. A great must-have for the DIY tool kit.

The hi-tech genius – the pipe-detector

It’s actually a cable detector, a stud detector and a pipe detector. What it does? – Using this gadget you will be able to find the exact location of pipes and cables in the walls. This way you will not risk of cut off some of them while making some additional holes in walls. A great addition to your DIY home kit.


A very useful device especially when it’s cordless, This way you could stuck yourself in the narrowest places at your home and still use this one functionally.

Safety first

Before starting any kind of a DIY project at home think about safety measures. The most important things that could be of use are working gloves, dust masks and safety glasses. Do not worry, you might not have to use all of them, but you bet it is better to have them by your side than the other way around.