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The best ideas for a stylish TV set arrangement

No matter how active of a person you are and no matter how much you like spending your quality time outside, there is always a time when one will spend some time in front of the TV set – the ultimate leisure invention since …the wheel.

And since there is always a need for a home improvement, there are many things which you can do to improve the TV set arrangement for the ultimate home theatre experience.

What could be better than a pleasant stay at home, on a lazy Sunday afternoon

A good TV set arrangement, a good movie to watch with the family of friends, a bucket of popcorn and some soda? This is quite an idyllic and picturesque idea, but it could always be better with a couple of simple home theatre improvements, you could always make things a bit cozier.

Everything starts with a nice, cozy set of furniture – though the idea of Swedish minimalism seems enticing, it’s the big, cozy sofas and lounge chairs that hit the spot.

Now that you’ve covered you bases, you need to turn your attention to the TV set and entertainment area – would that be using a projector for movies or getting a better sound system – there is always something that you could do.

The perfect spot for TV set arrangement

Most houses and apartments are arranged in a way in which the TV set is the main point of focus for the eye. And it’s quite normal, actually many of the homes in the world are set this particular way. In 21st century one of the most important factors in that regard is the size of the screen – the bigger, the better, or you could always opt for a projector.

However, it might be best if you set the TV arrangement I such a way in which it does not stand out too much from the rest of the décor. Now, this step might not be easy to make and it might require some finesse, but we are sure that if you took some time to consider your options, you would be able to find suitable solutions.

One great advantage of the modern age is that with newer technologies TV sets become thinner and thinner which gives you an advantage when arranging your entertainment area.

Blending it with the lines of the ambient furniture like cabinets, stands and other forms in the surrounding area is a great way to implement newer technologies into your living quarters.

The ideal sport for such an arrangement entirely depends on the dimensions of the room, though it follows some general rules – the perfect spot should that which does not strain the eyes, but is rather level with them.

The distance from the sitting arrangement to the screen is also important as TV’s have some ambient radiation which can be quite straining for your eyesight.

Additions to the TV set

Add some shelves on the wall around the TV, this will fill up the space and will prevent the TV from seeming like a black hole on the wall. Avoid too much of blank space. Keep some books or DVD’s on those shelves. This way you will achieve a nice looking blend of geometric shapes that will give your eyes enough to look at without distracting from the screen itself.

A good additional choice in this regard is wall art or a poster which diversify the topography of your walls and rooms. The selection of frames and colors should be done in a way which does not clash with the orientation and aesthetics of the room, while also complimenting the design of the TV.

Colors, shapes and forms are a very important aspect of home décor, and since this article is all about visual stimulation, it’s important to note to not overdo it.

When will you know that you’ve reached that point? You’ll notice a strain in your eyesight and general irritation – a sure sight of visual overstimulation. What you could do in this case it to strip the space to its bare minimum, leaving the important pieces of furniture like the TV set itself.


Go with similar colors and combine them with the one of the TV set. If it its a black one – go with combinations of with black décor and similar colored themes. If it is grayish, go with this style instead, though there should be a moderate cooperation between colors, overdoing it will make the space unpleasant to look at and definitely impact your experience.

Humans take more than 85% of their sensory stimulation through the eyes – this fact alone should make your choices a bit more akin to something natural and inviting, rather than opting for something foreign to your personal taste.

This is a personal space after all, so make sure to make it personal and to enjoy doing it – use interesting shapes, rely on your personal colors, and even experiment with RGB lighting.


The quality of the sound system will make or break your entrainment area, however, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for an ultra expensive sound system, there are some quite moderate and fancy selections with high quality sound.

Your goal should be to aim for a mid-range sound system which will provide you with plenty of audio clarity and not prevent you from spending some money on other aspects of your TV set.

Truth be told there are many things which you could to improve your home entertainment system, some are expensive, other are quite affordable. And even though creativity has no bounds, setting a home décor budget would be a healthy decision for you and your family budget.

What you’ve read here is just the tip of the iceberg that is the topic of home décor, and we invite you to delve deeper with us in late installments of this article. Keep checking back with us and you might be surprised of the variety of ways you can improve your home decor and overall environment.

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