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The best ideas for spring preparation

Since it’s that particular time of the year, you know that a fresh and clean home is a happy home. Spring is the season when all comes to life again. Thus you need to be ready for that great season spring preparation – time of the year and prepare your home as well.

Here are some of the coolest hints for you to clean your home sufficiently for the upcoming spring and summer.

The light within the spring preparation

Be sure to choose the right day to clean the windows. Whether you’ve got windows that face the garden or the busy street you must be prepared with the task. Pick a cloudy day for the task. This way you’ll be able to see the unwanted stains and spots on the glass in a better way.

The solutions for this mission are quite a lot. But if you would like to make your own natural and homemade solution for cleaning, add ½ cup of sudsy ammonia, a pint of alcohol for the rubbing, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and a gallon of water. Mix them well and this thing will clean up the windows in no time.

No writings on the wall

You may find this one extra unnecessary for the spring preparation, but scrubbing down the dust from the walls and ceiling is a must. Take a good look for any spider webs in the upper corners, cause that’s where those little things like to get comfortable. You should put the same interest on the baseboards and the door frames as well.


They are some of the things that holds a lot of the dust in the dwelling. And there might be a moment when you have already cleaned the whole place, but there is still dust around. That’s why you have forgotten to wash the carpets. For a good carpet you must wash these floorings at least one or two times per year.

There are the special places for this task, but you can also manage it yourself. Just use a deep cleaner (rented or you could buy a home – purpose one) and deal with the task for a good spring preparation.

Down under

Do not forget about the dust under the furniture. Yes some of the furniture could be quite heavy to be lifted, but in the same time that’s why you forget to do that and dust is gathering underneath them. If it is so heavy and hard, ask a friend to remove them. Dust and vacuum well under them and put them back in place. That will put the dust away for a while.

Extra window treatment

Relax, we are talking about the curtains. It’s another thing that holds dust most, just like the carpets and a must – task in the spring preparation. If they don’t need to be washed in the washing machine, just dust them with your vacuum with the right attachment from the vacuum set.

The unexpected dust

Do not forget that there could be unexpected places that hold dust a lot. Such are the light fixtures. Often they are a lot above our heads and we simply forget to look up there. If it is too high for you, go on and use a microfiber or lint – free cloth for the dust. The most important when dusting and cleaning light bulbs – try if they are first cool enough to be touched.

Organization, organization, organization

After all the dusting, vacuuming and water – based cleaning, there is nothing bothering except that you have to organize your stuff. There is nothing more painful and unpleasant than an unorganized room where all of the items and stuff roll around in a chaos. So organize your things. Use boxes, clean drawers from things that are with no usage to you anymore and use that precious space.

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