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Best ideas for additional space in the bedroom

No matter what kind of apartment or house that you possess, and no matter how big it could be, there will be always the need of additional space for you and your family. That’s a fact. The reason for that is probably based on a psychological level and consists of the idea that you use as much space as you could provide yourself with and even above that.

If this is a problem and a big one for you, that means you need some good practical advices when putting things together in your home and leaving some space at least for parring by. If you also hate to watch piles of clothes and favorite “necessary” stuff you should definitely get some cool advices like the following so you manage to prepare your dwelling in a proper and tidy condition.

  1. Storage bins for additional space

    They are definitely not the greatest invention of the 21st century, but they work and that’s the most important thing for you. Provide yourself with few rolling storage bins which could easily roll under your bed. The greatest thing about them is that they offer lots of space for the stuff that you do not use often and basically cannot be seen and won’t definitely stand in your way.

  2. Textile bags.

    Bags and handmade saks could provide you the additional space for some materials and stuff that you simply cannot collect somewhere else. We said handmade, because you do not have to put too much money in this type of project, cause a person with basic knowledge in sewing could make you four, five or six sacks in no time. They could be hanged on a wall or put somewhere under the bed in the bedroom.

  3. Place for the books that you are planning to read …someday

    An additional bookshelf is made from what …two basic high boards and few in the middle, right? Yep, that’s right. A simple wooden bookshelf is a must when you have those books that are just laying around the room waiting for someone to collect them in one place. If you do not have the necessary skills you could always order a specialist to make you one, having in mind the space that you can provide for this occasion.

  4. Folding desk

    It means that it could serve you as a desk or table and after you use it you could fold it next to the wall. This time you will be able to save space and literally have a desk only when you need it. If you are not that handy and crafty with your hands you could always engage a professional to do it.

  5. Hanging wire baskets will improve the additional space and in the same time will provide you with space for the laundry for example. Such baskets could be found in most of the home and utility stores and simple couple of nails to the wall can create a great and handmade-looking place for the clothes that are waiting to be washed.
  6. Suitcases could be hanged on the wall. Do that if you cannot provide them with a wide and spacey closed for this occasion. As higher you can hang them, as much they will not interfere your daily routine.
  7. Folding the clothes. It’s an essential thing to do, having in mind that in most cases the wrong folding of clothes “eats” the space in your dresser. Folding them in rolls (when this is fine for the textile of the clothes) will save you enough space for the other t-shirts, trousers and blouses which are left outside the drawers.
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