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The best home study area for kids

Since you have already got a home of yours and kids, you probably have encountered the process of room and activity separation. Everyone in the family should have his/her own private space, no matter how small or big it could be. You need a space for your work or hobby, and the kids need their area for playing and studying. Here are some of the best home study area ideas for kids.

Improving the space

In order to improve your kid’s studying space you need to think about a lot of stuff, before declaring that everything is a go – go. There are things like proper refurbishment, which might have to be done before that.

 Proper lights for home study area

The best light you could provide to your kid’s room is natural light of course. In the same time you must be prepared for a decent rainy and cloudy day. In this case the room has to be prepared with good artificial lights. They have to be on the right spots and places, where the quality and quantity of the light beams will improve the studying sessions of the children.

So this means that if you got the opportunity to have some big enough windows in your kids’ room use them as best as you can. Otherwise put enough lights in the room, which are better to be controlled by a dial. Some of them are better to be located around the study desk or where the kids read their books and lessons.


Flooring should be well prepared for colder seasons of the year, cause when studying nobody moves that much. So in order to improve the temperature in the room and the comfortable feeling of the children while they study there must be a good flooring. A good rug and carpet are perfect idea, if the basic flooring is wooden, concrete or tiles.


Yes, it is a high task to improve. The insulation of the kids’ room is of big priority. It’s like that not only for the study’s sake, but for the actual inhabiting of this space by the kids as well. Well insulated walls, windows and ceiling prepare this part of the premise for the colder and warmer seasons. This way studying will be an easier and more comfortable process.

Colors of walls for the home study area

Not only of walls but all colors in the room should be well-thought over. All of the colors do have an impact on our performance while being around the room. Some colors are more energizing and “cold”, others are soothing and developing calm atmosphere for the children. Son before starting making renovations think about the colors of the walls.

A very nice idea is the so called magic paint. A kind of paint that could be used for walls. The important thing and the cornerstone of this item is that when you paint the walls with it, there is a possibility to draw and paint with different chalk and pencils all across the wall. Then a single stroke with a soft cloth will remove all the writings and drawings.

There are lots of variety of colors. And it is perfect for smaller children who tend to draw directly on the walls their favorite houses, one – string – like people, super heroes, dinosaurs and so on and so forth. This kind of paint transforms the wall into great contemporary and “renewable” blackboard, which could be used over and over again. Then – a single stroke and voilà – the walls is clean as new again.

Decorations and toys in the home study area

Yes, it is a kids’ room, but nevertheless you do not want too many distractions on the shelves where the children are studying and doing their homework. There is nothing wrong in having around some action figures of super heroes or something, but not many. It’s because of the distraction. (A Lego batman, a Barbie or a video game around is not a great idea when you have to study for a test)


If you’d like, you could install a small or big enough blackboard on one of the walls of the childrens’ room. This way they could use it for their home projects, just like at school. The blackboard could be removed whenever they like it, so there won’t be any additional stress.

Magnet board

The magnet board could be used as a project board for the kids’ studying as well as the blackboard. Kids could pin their homework and drawings on it. There will not be any chalk dust and other thinks, that could be cleaned after that. In the same time it will be a lot of fun.

Organizers for books, pencils, pens, coloring pencils

These are with great importance. Not because they just have to be there, but because organizers will keep the room tidy. There should be place for every item – book, notebook, pens and pencils, additional items for studying. This way your kid will know that sometimes one should be a bit tidier when it comes to messing up the room.

Games and play time

Finally! – That’s what your kids are going to say when they finish their homework. No kids’ room should be prepared only for studying. Since you have already improve your children’s home study area, there is nothing wrong for them to have a little fun. There should be able to “swipe” the homework from the desk. They must be able to read a favorite comic book or play with their favorite action figure or video game.

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