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The best home improvement gadgets you should own now

A home is a home when it has all your favorite items and techs in one place. Comfortable, ideal for you, cozy and practical. These are some of the main points in which a home is being designated as such. It’s a distinctive place, where each and every one of us feels in a different and personal way. And since there are items in in most of them (or all of them) should be designed to serve us as beings. Here we tend to talk about the new best home improvement gadgets you should own.


We are already living in a world drawn by most of the greatest science fiction novelists in our time. And since that is already a fact we have the opportunity to use technologies, which the human race has never been used before. Now technologies are in our homes. Making life easier (not always) and more sophisticated.

Fireplaces from expensive glass, smart homes which could be under “your command” with just one remote control for the whole house or voice recognitions. These are some of the contemporary home improvement gadgets and devices which are already stuck in our lives. Making them such as never before.

These are some of the best home improvements, trendy as they are!

Solar shutters

They are like a miniature plantation at home. Not only at home, but right on your own window. These shutters are capable to block sun efficiently. But not so fast. They do have something that doesn’t meet the eye. Their ability to soak up sunlight and make it into energy. The photovoltaic panels are formed as ribs from a whole shutter assembly.

They can collect the energy from the sunlight and by standard louvers they can feed the energy into small inverter. The inverter itself is the other step of the system, plugged directly into the outlet, which returns the energy back into the electrical system. Some of the models can provide power of about 500 watts per hour. This amount of energy is pretty enough to power on TV sets, computers and other small appliances. Now, that is a cool and green shutter system!

Laminated countertops!

If you are some kind of kitchen junkie and like to cook more than eat, you could probably get on and refurbish your kitchen island with something like this. Laminated countertops imitate wood, stone or even marble in 100%-like realism. In the same time they are actually smart thinking, cause they provide the vision of these cool materials, but in the same time they spare their consumption.

This kind of covering of the countertops is also pretty available, which is another plus to its qualities!

LED lights lead the way!

Led lighting has become so casual-like, that it is already not such a big trend but more like everyday choice we make to save energy. Logically they have become cheaper just as cheaper as a mainstream can be. The “light-emitting diode” – LED is a technology, which is already available everywhere. They have longer life than the so called “standard” bulbs, they are mercury-free and the best thing is that they do not get hot when working.

Solar warming of the water

The usual way to heat up your water for a nice bath is with the help of the good ol’ energy. Efficient, but in the same time quite expensive and reflecting on the moth utility bill. Since there is a way to “steal” the Sun’s power there are already ways to use its energy for different kinds of energy-collecting utilities.

The solar hot-water heater is available in the market and since it has the ability to drastically lower the bill for electricity it would become more and more popular in time. The solar-heated tanks can provide enough water for the whole family – an equivalent of a standard water heater. These new gadgets also have the ability to be connected with electric, natural gas, propane systems if needed.

The energy of the wind

Yep, wind has been always around just like air. But now we already have the ability to use it as a alternative, safer and green way of creating energy. Pure energy. The wind turbines can be adjusted to household needs, since they are becoming smaller and more efficient than before. Hopefully they will become mainstream as well. Some of the new models do not even make much noise.

The “new retro”

If we may call the wooden material for floors and other types of tops “retro”, than OK – this is some kind of new retro idea for improving your home. Real wood floor actually is so much comfort in one place. When speaking of contemporary design wood is compatible in very interesting ways with other modern materials.

It is like the real thing happening, isn’t it?

The triple fuel furnace

This new affordable gadget has some special abilities a bit before its time. It can work on three different types of fuel. The device can warm up the home in a very short period, working on wood, oil or electricity. It can switch its working modes automatically so it is quite a bit smart.

So if it runs out of oil, it can turn into electricity for example. Or some of the other fuels.

So there are some of the futuristic, or actually recent gadgets which can improve your home. They could build more efficient-living, safe and comfortable atmosphere, which is a long-term worthy investment, when it comes to family.

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