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The best herbs to plant in the spring garden

No matter what season of the year it is, there is always the need of a good properly maintained garden. And since you have got yourself a garden you may consider to put some easy-to-take-care-of plants. Some of the greatest and easy to have are the herbs.

They are cool addition to your kitchen adventures when trying to prepare a decent meal. Herbs are the addition that will make your homemade foo even more special and healthy, having in mind that the herbs that you use to cook have been in the garden just few hours ago.

Sometimes nature and weather could be too harsh for some herbs. That is why you should consider some kinds that are more resisting to the bad weather. In spring for example it is very changeable – sometimes is warm, sometimes rainy and cold. That’s why tender herbs can be very hard to maintain and kept in good condition.

Meanwhile there are a lot of herbs that are easy to take care and can be great addition to your homemade meals.

Here is a simple and short list of 5 great herbs that you will easy take care of in your garden and that can improve the taste of your food

  • Cilantro.
    Even there is a bit of snow outside the seeds of the Cilantro are able to overwhelm that fact. And the moment the temperatures are suitable enough for it, cilantro seeds will flourish and grow;
  • Lemon balm
     It is a minty herbal plant that has a great taste added to some dishes. It is so great that it can overwhelm the changeable weather in spring and in autumn. A clever idea of you is to plant it in a container stuck into the ground outside. When lemon balm has the chance it can grow wherever you plant it.

Then you can use it not only for scenting the food you consume but also put some spicy flavor to your summer drinks;

  • Borage
     It is suitable for planting in the spring and is so beautiful that you can simply watch it grow around in the yard. By proper care it could grow big enough, so plant it in a place that is suitable for it to stay there for as long time as you want.

The leaves of this plant are very common in salads especially when they are a bit tinier. When the plant is temporary dead you can find the new seeds that it left under the large mother plant. These seeds can also be used in some variations of spring salads;

  • Dill

    It is a herb that probably everybody loves. It has very distinctive taste and odor that enriches the dishes when it is added into them. How it grows? It needs only the cool spring weather and soil, and it rewards the proper care with fresh flavor in seconds. Basically dill likes to reseed itself in the moment it has been trimmed. That means that you can plant it, and continue to plant it in a few weeks interval so you will have plenty of it for as long as you like.

If you want to conserve some for the winter you can always freeze it and use it whenever you like;

  • Basil
     Basil simply loves warm weather that is an absolute fact. But for some of you it may not be surprise to know that it also can thrive if it seeds were started indoors. Later it can be put outside in the garden when the weather is suitable for that.

If you do not want to remove it you can leave it to grow indoors in traditional pot, suitable for it. The important thing is to provide it with enough watering and sunlight. When the leaves are big enough you can put them directly in your salad combined with fresh tomatoes and white cheese.

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