What are the best colours for a kid's room

What are the best colors for a kid’s room

The choice of colors for the kid’s room is a difficult decision. To some extent, this is due to the fact that when it comes to the room of our children we tend to spend much more time and attention than when it comes to our own rooms. We wonder if it would be better to choose bright and bold colors or soft and gentle nuances, to use classic shades or to put more imagination.

Wandering between different ideas and options, finally we cannot make a choice. However, the reality is a bit different. In fact, the kid’s room should be the easiest of all the rooms in your home when it comes to colors.

Here is the place where to let your imagination run wild and to let the child in you heart to speak. The children room should be a magical place, like those in fairy tales, not to look like an ugly, gray and boring office in a large company.

A key issue in the design of the kid’s room could be the combination of different colors. For example, you could paint every wall in different colors or at least different shades. In any case, it is recommended to choose softer nuances and to avoid too bright and aggressive (such as red).

And now, let me offer you 5 different ideas that could be useful for you:

1. Yellow

Yellow is a cheerful and vivid color, which brings positive energy and wonderful sunny mood in your child’s life. This color is suitable for a boy’s room but also for a room of a girl. You can combine this warm summer color with shades of brown, green, orange, blue and others.

2. Purple

Purple is a very soothing yet inspiring color. It is both suitable for the room of a boy and a girl. You will enjoy an amazing visual effect if you add ornaments in blue, brown and even gray (but without to use too much grey nuances!). This color is often described as creative, so who knows, you can be the catalyst that will help your child to find some new talent.

3. Mild

Mild spring shades of green color are very suitable for the kids room. These shades add some freshness while calming the eyes and nervous system at the same time. Green could be combined very successfully with yellow, beige, brown, and to achieve better effect you could add some white ornaments.

4. Beige

Beige is a good choice, and in fact is suitable for almost any room. The reason is that this color is stylish and yet not aggressive. Beige creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home. It stimulates a person to spend more time at home. As a soft and neutral color, beige combines surprisingly well with other colors such as blue, green, brown or yellow.

5. The blue color

The blue color is a great choice not only for a boy’s but also for a girl’s room. This is a color of sea, sky and freedom. It is relaxing while carrying a sense of stability and trust at the same time. It looks great in combination with each of the colors we mentioned above (green, brown, beige, yellow, purple).