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The best cleaing tricks for the dwelling

No matter how good you are in the home stuff like washing, cleaning, cooking and decorating, there is always something new. Something interesting that you haven’t heard of yet. So there you go – we give you some of the best cleaing tricks and hints for a proper house and the ways to accomplishing that.

These ideas tend to be more casual, with the idea of less money – spending activities.

Dealing with the dust in tough places

There are some places that you simply cannot dust and clean without any “casualties”. For example the ceiling fans. Whenever you try to dust them all of the dust falls down over the other furniture. That’s a big trouble and you definitely need some cleaing tricks. So there it is – use a pillow case to dust each separate fan blade. Put every blade into a pillow case, then dust and this way all of the dust will fall into the pillowcase. Clean and clear. Then, there is the time for the washing machine.

The window shades

Two words – old socks. Yeah, use some old socks to clear the dust and spots from the window shades. Since there are narrow places and very often the shades themselves are quite tender, we should be careful when putting some pressure on them. Hence a pair of old socks will help for the clear and successful dusting.

Baby wipes

As we considered this before, baby wipes are a perfect way to clean most of the everyday – kind or spots you could face with and it’s among the best cleaing tricks. These wipes have great effectiveness against spots from coffee, tea, chocolate and similar. The reason is that do have cleaning agents, not much moisture, so they dry kind of quickly.

Reviving the wooden furniture

Lemon oil and vinegar – these are the greatest solutions to maintain naturally your woodwork. Furniture or decorations – it doesn’t matter. This solution will deal with any problems with the wood and keep it fresh looking. Just mix one part of a lemon oil with one part of white vinegar. Added to a cloth this solution will remove dust from woodwork and in the same time will leave it fresh and shiny looking. Not mentioning the good smell that it leaves.

Cleaning the dishwasher

We often think that since it’s a cleansing machine it is quite clean itself. But it’s not quite like that. There are always things that need to be cleaned even from such a machine. The solution is simple. Just put a cup of baking soda to the bottom of the empty dishwasher and let it stay there for a night. Then run the machine in the hottest possible cycle and use a white vinegar to clean and deodorize the device from inside.

After that remove the debris and clean the filter from it.

Water and the stains it lefts

Yep, water does left some stains if there is more minerals in it. If you happen to live in the city area, this problem is probably and everyday one. So in case you need to clean some water stains from the kitchen or bathroom, use paper towels. Soak them a bit with some vinegar and place them on the spot, which has to be cleaned. Leave them for a night and on the next they – voila – the magic has happened. Then scrub a bit and rinse.

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