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Beneficial hobbies for good mental health

With modern living come a lot of responsibilities in the workplace and in life in general – it’s a constant balance between family and work, providing and being provided for.

And the weight of these responsibilities, and fast pace of life itself, give us a lot of burdens that can affect our overall look out on the world itself.

What can you do to maintain good mental health

What people have seen good affects from is doing things that you want to do, hobbies and activities that occupy your mind in a way which relieves stress – there is something for everyone.

Maybe it’s something that you’ve always wanted to do or something that you have never thought of doing but might end up enjoying immensely.


Something that a lot of men and women seem to enjoy is carpentry – one of the oldest trades – it is the work with natural elements, wood and living things.

Carpentry allows you to use your creativity while staying rational, it makes you concentrate and the character of the wood as a material makes you respect its own needs.

Every carpenter knows how to “read” the wood and knows what to do with, it achieves oneness and a harmony with the processes, learning to respect the specificities of the material.

Even though it is cut, a piece of wood continues to breath, live and experience movement based on moisture and heat – and watching and learning about these natural processes can ground a person.


Gardening is also a way of coming in touch with nature, doing something that is not stressful and understanding the natural cycles as well as learning to respect them. This is quite important for mental health as it’s not only a distraction, but also a reminder of more important, bigger-than-us things.

With plants things are much more straightforward, though not simple at all as nature and it’s processes take quite a lot of knowledge to understand.

However, working with natural laws and plants as well as soil gives you a sort of access to some of your more natural sensations of your own personal self.

So deciding to start your own beautiful garden is a sure way of relieving stress and improving your mental health.


Fishing can be a very relaxing hobby, though there are many types of fishing that can become quite extreme at times.

Fly fishing, for example, is a quite soothing experience, watching the water and being on the lookout for a sign of a fish at your bait – alone with your thoughts, no need to hurry or to make fast decisions.

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