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7 Bedroom Design Mistakes that Might be Ruining Your Sleep

If your bedroom doesn’t make you go into a zen state instantly, something is off.

After all what’s the point of having a bedroom if not to make you want to fall asleep. If you didn’t need a specific environment for that you could basically sleep in any other room and place.

All elements of the interior design of your bedroom should be carefully chosen so that they create a sense of harmony and provide conditions for relaxation.

Sometimes that is not exactly the case and you might be feeling odd and restless when trying to fall asleep.

How to Fix Your Bedroom Design for a Tight Sleep

The reasons you are not getting enough sleep might be stemming from the different components of your bedroom design.

Here are seven things to consider if you can’t relax in your bedroom and have a healthy unbothered sleep.

1. Clutter

Lack of proper storage space can be a reason for clutter in your bedroom, which prevents you from feeling fully relaxed. Feeling calm comes from a sense of harmony and balance that cannot be achieved when there are things spread out everywhere.

If it’s hard for you to keep your bedroom organized, try to find creative storage solutions for everything and keep the outlook neat.

2. Lack of Space

Even a large bedroom can make you feel claustrophobic when you clog it with large furniture that take up all free space. A large bed can give you a sense of luxury and comfort, but if it’s too large for your bedroom it will make the space feel clogged and insufficient.

4. Heating and ventilation

You’ve probably woken up sweating at least once in your lifetime and it hasn’t been your favourite kind of experience. If you don’t want it to happen on a daily basis you should make sure your bedroom is well ventilated during warm seasons.

Not being able to breathe properly definitely does not help you sleep well and leaves you feeling tired in the morning. To avoid this you can get a humidifier when the air is too dry and gives you a flair of the Sahara desert experience, or a dehumidifier if you start feeling a bit like you’re in a greenhouse.

5. Improper lighting

In the bedroom the more common lighting problem would be related not to insufficient, but to excessive lighting. Darkness has a role in melatonin production, which is the hormone that regulates sleep.

If the light coming from the window interrupts your sleep you should consider getting blackout curtains or a light-blocking liner behind them for complete darkness. You could also adapt your windows by tinting them so that they keep excessive lighting outside your bedroom.

6. The Wrong Colour

Dramatic colour combinations and expressive pop art nuances look astounding…in almost any other room besides the bedroom.

Colour has the ability to visually stimulate or relax the brain, which has a solid neurological basis and is supported by extensive scientific research.

In order to put your mind in a dreamy state and go to sleep easily you should be careful about colour choices. Leave the vivid tones for the living room and pick something more muted and neutral.

7. Too Many Screens

Even though it transcends you to the sky during sleep, your bedroom is not a spaceship. You shouldn’t use it for keeping all your newest pieces of technology like smartphones, smart watches, tablets and everything smart with a screen.

It’s not news that light emitted from screens has negative effects on melatonin production. Order your house in such a manner that your bedroom contains the lowest percentage of electronics.

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