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Brilliant Bathroom Solutions That Save Water

Many people start to understand the significant meaning of living in a more eco-friendly way for their lives and the environment as well. Living in the 21st century gives us many ideas on how to do it with almost no effort.

Water is an essential thing that we don’t appreciate enough. It’s time to change the idea that water is inexhaustible. In this article, you will find brilliant ideas on how to save water at home. Even small changes in our daily habits might have an impact on the environment.

A bathroom is a place where we use the most water, that’s why we will focus on solutions for how to save water by using some simple technologies. That is a great beginning to improve your water-saving culture.

1. Eco-smart showers – the newest trend in the bathrooms

That’s a great way to save up to 60% more water by installing only one eco-smart shower in your home. This shower provides a lower flow rate and saves approximately between 6 and 9 liters. The technology of eco-smart showers saves not only water but electricity too because the system uses less power to warm the water.

There are also eco-smart taps that you can install in your bathroom. They manage water pressure and change the water flow which is limited to 5 liters per minute.

2. Put a timer before taking a shower

If you can’t afford to buy an eco-smart shower there is another easy way to save water while taking a shower. Put your timer for a short time that will be enough for you to take a shower and don’t spend more time than the set minutes. This can be a fun game and every time make the time under the shower less with a few seconds. If you live with your family or with flatmates this can become a challenge for all of you.

3. Dual flush for WC – an idea you never had before

Maybe you have already tried the two things we mention so far, but we bet this idea is a good surprise for you. Have you ever thought what is the biggest water consumer in the house? Believe it or not, that’s the WC. The good news is there is a way to reduce even the water flow in the WC. This system is used mainly in Australia where water is in short supply. Even though a dual flush system costs a bit more, it’s worth it because saves around 60-70% of the water use.

4. Small steps – big impact

Even if you don’t want to use trendy technologies and systems, there are ways that will decrease water waste. These are small steps that everyone can start to make on daily bases. For example, take a shower instead bath. Taking a fast shower saves a lot more water compared to taking a bath.

Breaking news! People spend 19 liters of water per year only because they don’t close the tap while they brush their teeth. You can change that with only one simple effort – don’t let the water run if you don’t use it at the moment.

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