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Are RGB lights better for your mental health

The home is a place of rest, respite from the outside world – it’s the follow up of the caves we went into to hide from beasts and monsters – though the modern day monster is mental health.

Day to day life can be quite emotionally exhausting, especially if you work in a high intensity environment where your decisions have big consequences – it might be taxing on your.

What can you do relax at home

There are many things that a person can do to make their home a more relaxing environment – one of which is controlling the lights.

As visual beings we get the majority of information through visual stimulation, more than 75% of our knowledge of the outside world comes through sight and we have evolved to associate certain colors with emotions.

The well known green color and relaxation combination is considered to have come about from our association with nature and the blossoming of trees, meaning the end of winter and the coming of spring.

Green means life and it means progress – more importantly it means not worrying about food and food supplies and so this has stayed with us throughout the millennia.

What about RGB lights

RGB lighting, or Red – Green – Blue lighting is a digitalized conversion of electricity into visible light and the manipulation of color combinations achieving more than 15 million light combinations.

This is a technology used in TV, Phone and computer screens and is something we are used to – it’s a fantastic way of controlling the ambiance in a room.

So whenever you are tired and want to relax using RGB lights might be a very good invested and a commitment to a more healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

Certain colors are associate with certain things – red is considered the color of passion, both positive and negative – yellow the color of creativity and expansion, blue is considered the color of depth and concentration.

How it works

By using a controller or a smart phone connected to your lights you can choose a combination and create a color that you have not seen before – searching though this and finding what makes you feel what.

And sometimes you just want to close your eyes – RGB lighting also has a music attachment which allows you to have the lights react to certain frequencies and beat patterns creating a music room.

The fact that you can not only control the color of the lights in the room, but also their intensity and even make them dance is a revolutionary innovation in home interior design.

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