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Are house plants suitable for a bathroom

A bathroom is a place of piece and solitude, though parents can vouch that it is rare, especially with your children – you rarely get the time to just relax in a bath, and when you do it’s like a whole new experience.

So what can you do to make those little moments a little bit special, to make your place of true rest fit your personality and relaxation needs – house plants – that’s right.

Is it actually a good choice

This choice fairs pretty well aesthetically with lighter colored bathrooms as the distinction between the paleness of the light tiles and vanity, and vibrancy of the green colors will be a great attraction to the eye.

Not to mention that green does have a relaxing effect on the brain, as it is associated with spring, life, freshness of new nature and more sustenance for our offspring.

Those factors do come into play for our subconscious part of the mind where all passive knowledge is stored – in fact green colors make brain cells release more stimuli more smoothly, resulting in a relaxing feeling.

There are some more benefits, like a bit more variety in shapes, watching the plant grow over time and the sense of freshness.

Keeping up with the plants needs

There are certain species of cacti that do not require so much maintenance, in fact they will pick up any moisture from the air rather than need watering. So even if you are not the greenest of thumbs, you will find it hard to kill these types of growing friends – they are resilient and low maintenance.

The slow growing rate of other plants will also provide you with enough time to enjoy them, while not requiring for you to repot them due to overcrowding of the root system.

Maintenance with plants is vital as they are live organisms, but it’s a small price to pay in comparison to the benefits you get from them.

Use a smart looking pot

The design of the plant pot is as important as the flower itself, as it can be combined with the design of the bathroom itself.

Horizontal stripes do create a more spacious feel for the pot, while also diversifying the overall sensation of the space around it – in other words it is visual trickery to create a more interesting feel for the eyes.

Choose a plant that you like looking at, or get a few, as long as you have the space and it does not get too cluttered – simply use your imagination and create something unique for yourself.

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