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A beneficial tree species for your garden

A garden without any trees is like a mother hen without any chicks, it’s just wrong and incomplete – so when you are creating a garden from scratch or you want to add some trees, these are some things to consider.

Tree species are like people – they have good sides and bad sides, and sometimes we like to surround ourselves with people who have more goods than bads.

How does a tree help a garden

Trees are protectors, they are the guardians of a garden – not only do they prevent from sunlight ruining a lot of flowers and bushes, but it also provides a lot of cooling during the summer and heat during the winter.

In fact a single tree can increase the temperature of a certain area, depending on draft, with more than 10% – take a notice of cars parked under trees during winter – no frost.

Consider the birch tree

It is a very fast growing tree which is both its good and bad side – it growing fast means that withing 15 years you might have a fully frown birch tree that gives you shade.

The white bark and gentle leaves are quite comforting and create a sense of purity and divinity – these trees are associated with certain shamanistic trials with tribes in Russia.

They grow fast so they are considered a soft wood and that makes them quite susceptible to windfalls and general rot – they are not so long lived, especially in urban environments. However, the birch tree is one of the most beneficial ones on hand as they provide quite a lot for its surrounding area.

The root system invites quite a lot of biodiversity including certain kinds of fungi which are associated with healthier soul – they help break down organic matter a lot quicker and provide more nutrients for plants.

Burch trees are also very thirsty meaning they will soak up any extra water in a 5 meter radius around their base, if you are having issues with waterlogged soils – a birch tree might help.

Another benefit to this tree that it’s sap can be harvested and it contains quite a lot of the same qualities of maple trees, it has a lot of natural sugars and can be consumed as is or made into a syrup.

The main chemical making it so special is the becylin which has quite a lot of inflammatory qualities making for a lovely couch solution – it’s leafs can be used for ointments and other skin care products.

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