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7 Reasons to Choose New Home Vs Resale

Investing in a home of your own is a challenging thing. Should you go for a newly-built house with proper energy efficiency and modern design? Or better get a resale place and plan some renovations? Your answers will depend on the lifestyle you prefer, ion your financial situation and the priorities you have.

In general, people who go for the resale usually want to move to this very neighborhood or they are not afraid of long house transformations and repairs. Those who prefer the new homes are more open to location and have many potential advantages in mind. They are also crazy about the new home feel. So, let’s find out which are the main reasons that could make you prefer new homes instead of resales.

1. Get the design you want

With the new house you can get the specific layout of your house – the size of the kitchen and the bathroom, the lighting, the flooring, the appliances. Basically, you can make your new home according to your own taste and needs as you have the chance to take part in the design. This includes installation of special wiring as well for the high-speed electronics and security systems.

2. The new homes are usually energy and cost efficient

They come with double and sometimes triple-pane windows with special window-coatings, with outer insulation and modern heating and cooling system. They allow energy saving and costs savings as well.

3. Everything is under warranty

The resale home comes with used facilities and appliances that might need replacing. The new home comes with brand new things that are under warranty – roof, countertops, water heater, appliances. This will guarantee you several more years of comfort, until they need replacement.

4. Energy standards

The new homes correspond to the new energy standards, using modern air filtration and ventilation which leads to better quality of the air inside. This also means low maintenance as they are built of excellent building products and systems. Most of the newly-constructed homes today meet tougher standards and are equipped with special energy certificates valid for the roofs, walls, doors and windows.

5. Modern technologies

New homes come with high-performance windows, modern countertops and appliances. There is no need of replacements.

6. Communities and the facilities there

Most of the new homes are located in communities that share many nice facilities such as club houses, community centers, park areas, pools.

7. Safety reasons

The new homes are well-secured with electric garage doors, high-efficiency air-conditioners, smart security and controlled entrance systems.

It seems that even if it might seem more expensive at first, the new home does not require renovations and repairs and are done with modern fire retardants in the materials. The resale home, however, is likely to require various improvements that follow the purchase. Last but not least the new home has better resale value that an old one. With all that information, now you can make a well-informed decision.

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