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7 Natural Repellents to Keep Bugs Away

Insects are a part of nature and have their own curiosities that make them fascinating to observe…unless they are in your own home.

The struggle with bugs in your own home is real and can make your life a true nightmare, especially during summer. It’s one of the most annoying domestic problems that can ruin your comfort on a daily basis.

What if you learned however, that there are some methods to keep insects out of your home with minimal effort?

Effective Home Remedies to Repel Bugs

Turns out it’s pretty easy to protect your home from insect invasions without toxic chemicals and complicated procedures.

Most of these natural repellents against bugs you can probably already find in your home.

1. Mint and Basil

Surprisingly, a lot of smells that we would consider the most delightful ones, are hated by bugs. That includes the smell of mint and basil.

If you plant some fresh smelling herbs in pots around the house, many types of insects would prefer to keep out. Flies especially hate the smell of basil, while mint effectively repels spiders, ants, and mosquitoes.

Put dry mint leaves or teabags in areas that bugs love passing through like holes, corners and entry points.

2. Citrus Cocktail

Spiders…they are spooky, annoying, and they don’t enjoy nice smells like the one of citruses. In fact, the acidic nature of citrus fruits can kill them, so they will stay away of any place that smells lemoney.


3. Vinegar

In a list of home methods there is a minimal chance you won’t read about vinegar. It’s versatile and effective in solving many domestic issues.

The best news is that its strong smell easily repels various types of bugs like ants and flies. At the same time it can attract some insects like fruit flies, so you can use it as a trap to help you get rid of them.

4. Neem Oil

Neem oil actually kills a vast number of insects. Use it in a spray bottle mixed with water to protect the bug-sensitive areas of your home.

You could also use it in the garden to protect your plants from pest invasion.

5. Coffee Grounds

You could bug-proof your house on the outside to prevent unwanted visitors bothering you by using the leftovers from your coffee machine.

The smell of coffee is another aroma that brings us pleasure, but keeps bugs away. They just can’t stand the smell of coffee grounds, so if you spread them around your house in areas you think bugs might be passing through, they won’t even try.

6. Eucalyptus or Lavender Oil

Bugs would stay away from most essential oils, but eucalyptus and lavender are certainly some of the most effective due to their strong aroma. They successfully repel flies, moths, mosquitoes and fleas.

You can use these essential oils in a homemade spray by mixing a few drops with water. Use it to spray all corners, holes and places insects might be coming through.

7. Cornmeal

Using cornmeal is a pretty violent solution, but it’s proven to work. If you spread cornmeal around places where ants are coming, they will actually love it and take it back to their colony.

The plot twist comes after they eat it, because they cannot actually digest it, so it’s lethal to them.

It may take a few days to get rid of the whole colony, but it’s a permanent solution.

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