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7 hints for the long weekend at home

If you are a kind of person, who does not like making even the smallest mistakes, you probably ponder too often about stuff. For example – how to spend your long weekend at home (actually we do not know why the heck do we call it “long”… it’s quite short after all). And don’t get us wrong – we do prefer to have a nice two-day leisure in a small hotel or a country house by a lake, with a walk in the woods, looking for some wild mushrooms, berries or some herbs. We could think of kayaking, riding bikes or going off-road driving with some old-time rugged ride. Yeah, we do prefer such stuff, and we rather hint you with that kind of ideas. BUT… let’s say that outside is raining cats and dogs, let’s say your car is broken, or you just like to spend some quality time at home. Even being surrounded by walls, there’s plenty of stuff you could do instead of taking a 24-hour nap. Because yes – you will take a good rest, but no – you’ll miss a whole lot of a day.

So! Since we believe we persuaded you in that theory of ours, let’s bring out some tips for a great weekend at home.

First of all, please, do turn off that TV set. You don’t need it. There’s nothing interesting on TV, that you cannot do yourself, believe us.

Hint number oneJenga, puzzle, twister, domino, crosswords, chess, and whatever pops up in your head. You know – the classic games that we all know how to play. It’s a great usage of time during a rainy day or when you just don’t imagine yourself jogging ourside for any particular reason.

Hint number twoBooks! According to us- the serial killers of boredom. Probably the most common and reasonable leisure activity in the history of human existence. Books can educate, books would keep you entertained, books will open your eyes, books will understand and preach.

Hint number three – We know it’s your weekend, but get off your butt and please do wash those darn dishes and vacuum that dust off the dwelling.

Hint number four – And since we probably scared the brains out of you enough already with the 3rd installment of our “home-staying-tips” for the weekend, let forget about that and go on with this one instead. Try doing something you always thought you cannot deal with. Dismantle your old radio. Yeah, why not? Disassemble it well, see what’t been inside all those years, then try to put it together and see what you’re made of as well. If it sounds scary to you or it’s just that your old radio is too valuable for you to risk it, then think of something else (just don’t mess with the electrical system though. Anything but that one).

Hint number fiveWorkout a bit. No? Ok.

Hint hnumber six – Do some Yoga. The same? No? Well, ok.

Hint number seven – be a kid again. Roll on the floor with your little ones, play some chilldish games with them (if there are any, and if they want to play with you at all).

And since we love the number seven we will stop here. No particular reason actually. But think about that quality time that you can spend at home. Think about the people you can share it with. That’s the most important thing.

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