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5 tools every home should have

Every home owner knows that maintaining the house is a never ending process, even if it’s a brand new construction that you’ve just landed – there are still things that you need in order to maintain its quality.

But to do maintenance on the home you need tools and what is a household without a set of tools to do odd jobs – here are 5 tools that are a must for a family.

What is the minimum tool set you need to maintain

With the high quality of trades there is rarely the need of you doing something yourself, however, those of you who are more closely leaning to self-reliance and would like to DIY then these are the tools for you.

Drilling machine

Whether you want to put up some pictures or you want to mount something on the wall, you will need a machine that can drill – it can be cordless or it can be corded, whichever feels better for you.

Though, it should be noted, that cordless drills are become more and more prevalent and the quality of the batteries and the power they can deliver is making corded tools more or less obsolete.

A hammer

This one might seem like an obvious addition, however, you would be surprised how many families don’t actually own a hammer.

There is no need to get an expensive one, go and buy a simple framing hammer with a flat head which allows you to put in nails or other types of fastening for putting up pictures and other assets.

An adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is extremely valuable, especially if you have a small leak in the kitchen sink and all you have to do is to stop the water supply to it and then remove the sink trap to clean it out.

Some designs allow for things to be done by hand, but there are some which require and adjustable wrench that can fit many different sizes – the flexibility of this tool is too good not to get.


A pair of good pliers can get you out of a tight spot – they are quite good for getting things that are too small from places that are too tightly in.

They are also great for handling hot things like heated metals – they are also great for stripping wires in case you need to do it.

A hand saw

A hand saw can come in handy in many home improvement applications, from cutting elements to fit in home, to creating furniture and they can also be used for the outside – cutting of a branch or a bush.

These are just some of the main tools a homeowner needs in order to maintain his own home, there are quite a lot more that will make your work around the house quite a lot more enjoyable.

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