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5 steps to improve your basement

A basement is not that cold and uncomfortable place that we used to take it for. No! Now basements could be spaces which could be easily improved and be an important area in the house, and not only for storing stuff, but for everyday activities. Here are some good advices to improve your basement.

Keep the moisture out

Probably the most important step of all to improve your basement. First check for any water issues and plumbing problems. If there are such, it should be better to call a professional. If there are any signs or pools of water, that’s the best thing you must do. Look for any cracks in the foundation of the house, cause they might be able to let water in during a rainy season when the ground is damp and especially if the house hasn’t got any special outside water insulation.

Check and double check

Even if there is nothing wrong with any moisture or leakage, you should be prepared for everything and make a vapor barrier for any additional and accidental leakage. Choose wisely and if it is necessary talk with a professional about that thing.


Good insulation is always a good idea to improve your basement. Insulating your walls of the basement is an essential if you think of preparing the place for everyday activities. Since you have dealt with the moisture control there is nothing more logical than to deal with the temperature of this space. Good insulation will also stop any additional sounds from outside and will keep out the cold and also the warmth during all the seasons.

Light up and improve your basement

One might think that it is a finishing project for improving the basement, but no. You should think about that earlier, so you could know where to put the outgoing cables for the light bulbs. Lightning control with special dials is a great decision. Consider also putting energy saving light bulbs. LED light are probably the best decision, because they spare power, their light is good enough even for a basement and in the same time they have more than a 25-years lifespan.

Think of models that do not take too much space. You could adjust them easy on a drop ceiling.


It is important just as much as the wall insulation to improve your basement. If you have the money, you could put even a floor heating. But that depends on how much the basement will be used and for what. But basically there should be some baseboards, and good carpeting. If you invest in these you will definitely keep your energy bill lower, than using super powerful heating devices.

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