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5 most common bed frame types

If the house is a fortress, then the bed in your bedroom is the throne of the entire castle. While it can contend with the toilet for that title, the bed is by far one of most used pieces of furniture, regardless of socio-economic standing, race, gender, generation or even design interests.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the 5 most common bed frame types and what they can do for your, aesthetically and practically.

From expensive to most affordable – 5 bed frames

A bed frame is a relatively new addition to the common household. In the past, a bed frame used to be reserved for the nobility and the highest participants of a court, but nowadays it’s a common place piece of furniture which everyone has.

  1. Queen Sized Bed Frame

The queen sized bed frame is narrower than the king sized one and it can comfortably have enough room for one individual, two if they really love each other. The queen sized bed is a household staple and is one of the most common bed frames due to its universal size and the fact that it could comfortably bed two grown adults.

  1. King Sized Bed Frame

The king sized bed frame’s dimensions are wider than the queen sized one, with its 76 x 79.5 inches. It means that is has more than enough space for two people to sleep comfortably, with enough room for free movement without the interference from the other partner – it’s most commonly seen in couple’s bedrooms and luxury suites at hotels with higher rating than 4 stars.

  1. Twin Bed Frame

The twin bed frame is considered to be the staple for comfortable sleeping arrangements for a single individual. It’s considered a person and a half sized bed frame which means that a single individual could enjoy the space and width.

The twin beds are most commonly seen in children’s rooms, dorm rooms and other locations where a single individual bedding is required. Its price is quite lower than that of other, wider bed frames since less material is required for its manufacturing – mattresses are also quite affordable even if it’s a luxury type.

  1. Four Posted Bed Frame

Four posted beds are the beds which remind you of more classical looking bedrooms, commonly seen in period pieces and movies about a different age. Their classic feel and look stems from the four posts which come from the four corners of the bed almost reaching the ceiling.

They do not complete the square shape of the bed but rather stick out, providing a sensation of presence and completeness to the room. They are not recommended to be used in bedrooms with low ceilings due to their height.

  1. Canopy Bed Frame

Canopy bed frames are the rarest of the aforementioned bed types since they combine the size of the queen bed and the four posts of the four-posted bed frame. It also has a canopy between the different posts providing a feel of a fairy-like world.

These bed frames are by far the most expensive, but also by far the most beautiful of the five and we highly recommend you think about getting one. It will totally transform the entire room and set a focal point for the design.



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