leisure room

5 ideas for a leisure room

Most people got the idea for a leisure room a bit wrong. Some of them think that’s a room where you are constantly in some kind of Zen pondering, meditation, some get it as a place to sleep for hours. But probably the best idea and notion for a leisure room is the place for games, fun, multi – media, conversations, darts, video games, snacks and music.

So here are some cool ideas for the leisure room, which if you still haven’t built, probably now you would like to.

First of all, let’s point out that the fact that you have a place for a leisure room is great even from the beginning. So when you have the opportunity to create such space, do not hesitate and go on with the natural fun flow.

Everything has to be able to move

A leisure room is a place where there are many activities and hobbies going on at one time, in a small place. That’s why everything has to be movable. Reason? – So there are no “accidents”, hit pinky toes, uncomfortable exposition of the furniture and so on and so forth. So don’t nail the coffee table down to the ground.

Storing in leisure room

Relax, you don’t have to store some “boring” stuff. But you have to have some extra shelf place for the board games, for the darts’ extra arrows, for the music, for the framed photos and posters, for the Star Wars action figures and other nerdy stuff. So a good ol’ shelf with be a super good idea in order to store you leisure room stuff, necessary for the good vibrations in the room.

Think small

No, not limited thinking, but small. Go with the smaller table, try the more compact chairs and stools, buy those cool small glass shots for tequila and miniature cocktails…you got the idea. Big furniture and dining table will only make it hard to have the level of fun that you would like to have.

Yes, we all love to snack, but we also could grab a bite and have some fun in the meantime. So a smaller table is the best choice for the leisure room. You could combine it with smaller chairs and in the same time provide space for a nice game of Twister.

The compact stuff

Go with the smaller and compact utilities, utensils and gadgets. If you want a TV, go with a flat one (like there are any others left !?). If it is too expensive, another cool idea if to provide your leisure room with a projector. There are already quality ones in the market. They will be compatible with your laptop and will be able to project whatever you’d like.

You are your place

You are how you leisure! Sounds strange, but nevertheless we could judge someone by the way they have fun and spend their leisure time. So after you have prepared the new or improved the old design of your leisure room, it’s time to organize its purposes. What are you going to use it about. Different guests have different interests, that’ why you and the leisure room should be mobile.

If you and your friends like to watch movies, arrange the furniture for movie – watching. If you happen to like dancing or Twister games, make the appropriate space for that.