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3 creative space saving ideas for the kid’s room

As kids grow and change so do their needs and this requires some restructuring and redesign of their room – with more toys, books, and school supplies the demand for storage and space increases.

Raising an organized and responsible human being starts with their care of their own room, and providing them good organizational options will give them a good start.

What great space saving ideas you can implement

For a kid’s room space is quite important because they need the space to play, live and study – and a cluttered room is a cluttered mind – this is why it’s important for them to learn to be organized.

One great way of teaching them about organization is by getting some space saving solutions which will not only make it easier for them, but for you as well.

Help them pick up after themselves

Get them a bunk bed or any type of combination furniture with storage underneath them, most often the issue of organization is that a solution to a problem is not so obvious.

So when children are messy, they just need to have an obvious solution, this type of furniture gives them a place to put away their belongings without much trouble.

Use vertical space as storage

Walls in a room are more often than naught neglected real-estate which can be used for storage of clothes, toys and other items.

Floating shelves or cubby holes are a great way of getting stuff off of the floor giving your child more room – however, if they are still little, they will not be able to reach if you place them too high – keep that in mind.

Using storage boxes

Storage boxes and plastic containers are also a great solution, putting them under the bed if there is space or organizing them in a closet gives you long term storage of times that are not need right now. Also consider getting plastic containers that have organizing windows where you can spell out what exactly their content is.

There are many creative ideas out there, some look great, some not so much, but if you are in a bind and need a quick solution these suggestions might help you out.

One of the best, most desirable solutions to helping your child organize, is to give them easy access to storage like a lower cubby or a combination desk-bed combination.

Creating the habit of cleaning after one self increases their responsibility and makes them appreciate what they actually have.

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