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3 bathroom accessories that will change how you use your bathroom

For the longest time people all around the world have had the idea of a bathroom as a place of relaxation, a chance for one to clean oneself and an opportunity to restart and fight another day.

Regardless of what type of style you choose, minimalist, comfort or luxury, you always have a place of solitude, somewhere where you can be with yourself, without worrying about the outside world.

Still we mustn’t forget that in order to feel relaxed and clean in the bathroom we also must take care of it and clean it in a natural way.

What it means to have a real bathroom

All throughout history the bathroom has had that function, though in Ancient Rome, it was a public place, a place where you can clean yourself, but also be with your fellow citizen. Of course this notion is still alive, however, with private bathrooms solitude is the goal.

So if you want to be alone and with your thoughts while taking a relaxing bath, then you might want the room to accentuate some of your personality.

There are some nifty items out there that can add that extra character to your bathroom, without making you break the bank – they are simple, functional and reasonable.

If you don’t have that much room but still want a towel rack

Sometimes we want the simple things in life, like a towel rack where our towels can dry off after use – a luxury choice would be too expensive for a budget bathroom, and a minimalistic one might not suit your preference.

One of the best choices is taking advantage of simple add-on items like towel racks that clip onto an existing wall or that have good quality suction cups.

These are mobile and can be removed whenever you feel like, while providing extra space for your belongings, it doubles as a clothes dryer as the bathroom is a lot warmer than other places in the house.

Get a removable mirror for your door

There are removable mirrors for a door that come in different sizes which you can mount and discount using simple Velcro tapes or suction cups.

These methods of installation are secure enough so they can take the weight of the mirror as well as any vibrations from closing and opening while providing some extra light and a place to enjoy yourself.

A floating shelf

These shelves attach on other surfaces and use the tension of two opposite sides, their legs extend sideways so they can touch the two opposite points of the bathroom.

You can use this both for storage and for hanging clothes or towels and it is by far the most secure temporary solution of them all.

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