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10 Ideas How to Brighten Your Living Room

As home owners, we make everything possible to arrange our living rooms to be comfortable and pleasant. We plan and repair, we put a fresh paint on the walls, we buy new curtains and new pieces of furniture. But sometimes making huge renovations is not possible and yet we do want our living room to look brighten and nicer. Find out which are the easy and the inexpensive changes that you can make in the living room, so that you can feel comfortable and cozy there.

  1. Find a theme
    Find a special theme for your living room and organize the entire interior around it.
  1. Put Curtains on the Windows
    The room look nicer, if you place brighten curtains on the windows. You can use a new curtain rod as well.
  1. Get a Carpet
    A nice carpet or a simple rug will also add to the feel of the home. Get something in bright color – cream, white, beige.
  1. Install a Fireplace
    If you get a fireplace in your living room, it will gather the family together and will add romance. You can either buy a ready fireplace or built your own.
  1. Get new Lighting
    If you add a lampshade, an antique lamp or hidden lighting, you will get the feeling that you are in a brand-new room. It will be a good idea to highlight particular features as well.
  1. New paint
    The fresh paint on the walls will definitely make the living room look as new.
  1. Install decorative shelves
    On the display shelves you can add family photos, matchbooks, shells. This will make the room more intimate.
  1. New fabrics
    Buy new fabrics in colors that are different from the ones you have been using before. Try new pillows, new blankets, tablecloths, upholstery.
  1. Place Fresh Flowers
    The living room will look nicer if you place fresh flowers in the pots and vases. The will make the room much brighter and will bring a fresh air and pleasant odor.
  1. Add an Accent
    This might be a special flower, a decorative screen, a folding screen, a guitar.
  1. Place a Mirror
    A simple mirror on the wall can make the room look larger and more spacious. This is an old trick but still as much valid as before.
  1. Add a Finishing Touch
    Look around, change the place of a certain item, add another detail and then look around again. Then invite the other family members and your friends and enjoy the new living room.
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